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Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Written by Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii :) from USA

I think it's very good that you are posting both sides of this story.
I have no idea what the motivation is, for Felix (Dmitri's) critics
(or his site = ...
to post such negativity and ignorance about him ...
which could not be further from the truth.

However, 2 of my Greatest Heroes of All Time
= Socrates (jailed and executed)
& Jesus (crucified) ...
were also grossly misunderstood.

I know Dmitri personally,
and I can unequivocally assure you (= anyone reading this)
that he is probably THE most honest, truthful,
well-meaning, good-hearted person ... I have EVER
had the good fortune to meet in my entire life (58 years).

I hope this truth ... from me ...
is of some help to YOU, or anyone,
wondering what the REAL Story is ...
about this amazingly intelligent, talented, gifted man,
who is so humble and kind ... and giving ...
as to have been one of the Greatest Influences
upon my life ... (living or dead) ...
who has greatly enhanced my own ability
to be of some small service
to my fellow human beings
in this amazing thing we call LIFE.

Dmitri Chavkerov is clearly misunderstood ...
and I hope I have helped in some small way ...
in this post ...
to set the record straight.

Wishing You & Yours,
All the Best!
Today & Always,
Sunny Hills, Maui, Hawaii :)

Remember, there are always 2 sides to every story,
and when someone points their finger at someone else,
they are simultaneously pointing THREE (3) fingers
back at themselves :)

Consider The Source ... of negative gibberish,
and judge (if you must) ... for yourself :)
Sunday, 01 August 2010

Written by FelixGood from New Zealand

As far as am concerned, I believe Felix is good. No other person has shared or created a sharing forum as good as Felix's. So please if you have personals with felix, just shut up. We are happy making pips with his advice. Have you tried reading his lated creations? Hope you see the light in good time.
Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Written by Jerry from China

The FPA's signals absolutely rock, and they are free.

Boris must be on something. His link to CNN provides no results.

Anyone who lost too much money with the FPA or Diamonds signals didn't follow the recommended risk settings. You can get wiped out with any service if you trade too heavy and get a few bad trades.
Saturday, 17 July 2010

Written by Jack from USA

I am actually quite shocked to hear all this!

I traded with Rob a while back and he called some of the most unreal moves when the finance market was not even fair. I was having 200 pip moves in one trade. What was crazy is how they new when it was going to happen within the hour, and the most exciting time trading I ever had....and for any real traders, you never forget those days. as for Felix...seems to be a Jack Ass, but Rob is certainly a Pro. I guess its possible that things changed, but i doubt it, he was just to good, and any good trader knows this.

I have been out of the market but will get back in, i can t seem to find his he out of the game? if so, what a shame, I paid $400 per month and let me tell you I thought it was the only true and effective strategy out there, i just could not stay awake till 5 am...otherwise, I would have never stopped.

Hope you stay with it Rob...this is unreal baloney. I guess success will always find someone who wants to take you down, and the public will always find you guilty first.... that's why we have laws in place... otherwise every one would be lynching us. Crazy non-sense.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Written by Boris Petrov from Bulgaria

I have investigated the matter with and it's owner thoroughly and have collected the following factual information:

According to the Moneytec article at:
the Russian national Dmitri Chavkerov (under the alias Felix Homogratus), immigrant in the USA, owner of the forex forum at, previously held at (also owner of 10 other fraudulent web sites, listed here
), has been under investigation for a number of things for the last few years, and charges have been placed against his criminal partner in a fraudulent scheme to defraud people from United States, details of which are documented at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) web site:

Its people like this that have made the need for homeland security a must. We must all do our due diligence to detect fraudsters and terrorist. There are also numerous complaints by investors, and a pending case of identity theft, and transmission of personal banking information on a female victim, as well as black mail, slander and defamation. Its time to bring Mr. Dmitri Chavkerov to justice, arrest have already been made.

If you or your company has been a victim of blackmail, false slander or you have lost money from his services or products, or feel he has caused you financial harm, please contact, or your report can be documented by the arresting agent William James Cunningham.

Mr. Dimitri has made headlines around the world:
for his cutting edge class fraud. And is the first to be caught in this type of Online fraud. Based on current information he is pretending to be a trading expert, but based on financial statements, he has lost a large sum of money in forex trading, and all of his current income is from fraudulent product sales. He scares people into not buying or trusting his competitor’s products then thru his massive network of forex sites sells his forex products. A scare, then magic solution that many Internet scammers/fraudsters use today. He hides behind other names and web sites and shady people too.
Thursday, 15 October 2009

Written by pacal from Andorra

Totally a scam...had a good run awhile ago when brokers filled on the news. They no longer do, but Rob Grespi and king forex, as well as fx news whiz were total scams. Felix is a slimmy greedy internet marketer with no scrupples, and will squeeze you dry for every cent. Avoid!!!
Monday, 12 October 2009

Written by Andronikou from USA

Friday, 19 December 2008

Written by Max from Andorra

Felix's service from from not multitheir professional in the world! I long time am the client and I receive huge profit every month. Unique who "does not love" it.... It is Forex brokers which lose from for it money!!! Do not pay attention to lie about this remarkable person. I swear to you that the TRUTH!!!
Friday, 19 September 2008

Written by One FX from Italy

I joined his forexdiamond once, but its not profitable as he claims. Educational? to me, not exactly, you learn nothing there. They don't teach me how to win in forex, but help to lose instead. Then I got invitation to his new, I was so stupid to join. Again, his scary -100 pips and -50 pips losses is more than his winnings. He hides all the performance so you can never know how well they trade.
Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Written by Donald ,C anderson from USA

Forex diamonds is a bad signal service and Felix real name Dimitry Chavkerov is a liar and has been caught in many lies he Is very dishonest, he uses forex peace army to pedal his failed forex diamonds signals. Which I lost about 3k following. I sent review and it was never posted, he edits anything negative about him on that review site, a Google search of his name will show he is corrupt and a scammer. He shows up on the American FBI site for bad people and criminal's and Rob Grespi is nothing more than a FAKE movie actor , that pretends to be this great trader he is nothing more than a conman just like Mr. Dimitry Chavkerov and his stupid Russian girlfriend can't wait till that stupid bitch get deported out of America SHE Has a felony record ! Online scum bags!

He says people are picking on him! Well maybe because he is a FRAUD! The forex community is very small he has nowhere to hide any more.
I lost money from his site and from my 3 month subscription to He has also started a NEW FRAUDULENT FOREX SIGNAL SITE CALLED!  FRESH NEW LOOK SAME SCAM ARTIST !

I'm participating in an ongoing investigation with the FEDS wire fraud carries a 20 year federal sentence!

Youtube Video showing Rob Grespi in a stupid old b movie he is nothing but a fake actor!
Saturday, 16 August 2008

Written by Alex from USA

If you type in Dimitry Chavkerov in any news provider site, you will see that the guys throwing dirt on felix are liers. THERE IS NOTHING ANYWHERE except the websites Ahmed or what this "oh, i lost 65k in a managed account with Felix" this ahmed bullshit.. seriously look for your self, and if the website isn't real news, you know what that means. come on people.
Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Written by Gary Chulani from India

Let me start by saying the guy Alanisso full of b.sand he must be associated with Felix Homogratus (aka Dmitri Chavkerov). I belive Ahmad because I lost 20k myself following his useless crap signals. Felix just wants your e-mail so he can spam you and sell your e-mail to other forex companies. If you don't belive me just read this:
Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Written by Alan Kendall from USA

Ahmed is just a spammer. He's one of a few people running around making fake posts. If the signals were bad, no intelligent person would follow them long enough to lose 65k.

I'm doing quite well in the Forex Diamonds room, and Felix's Forex Peace Army reviews saved me from some bad products I was thinking of buying.
Saturday, 19 July 2008

Written by Win from Germany

I made plenty of money with Felix news trading service (Forex Diamonds combined with Secret News Weapon). The current leader, Sir Pips is a competent, innovative and enthusiastic trader. Some brokers don`t like Felix review websides, therefore they seemingly try to spread false information about him.
Interesting: In his Scam review Ahmed from Egypt says he lost 65K until now. I read on another webside a review where somebody from Copenhagen states he lost 65K through Felix service. Is this coincidence?
Saturday, 28 June 2008

Written by Ahmed Foad from Egypt

Totally SCAM
I lost in forex diamond 65k till now because of the wrong signals provided by Rob, Felix
It may be unbelievable but this is what happened after my subscription there
Take care your money not a game
Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Written by max from USA

Felix is an honest guy, if you pay for his services and are not happy he will refund your money or cancel your recurring billing, so he won't steal your money, the reason I am giving 3 stars is that from the signals you won't make any money, the signals are not very good at all and Rob is rude and has an ego the size of his ass!


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